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The time to begin spraying for summer deer control is when the young plants emerge from the ground.  Teach deer there is nothing good to eat in your garden!  Call us to spray our natural based, professional grade summer repellent in your garden today!

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One application in late fall lasts all Winter!

Redding Nursery

Check out our feature on!  Thanks to Matt, owner of EMG Wildlife Management.

NoVa Deer Shield protects your annuals, perennials,  and ornamental shrubs from deer damage year round.

We bring our solution to you!


Deer Control in Leesburg

In the unfortunate event you should find yourself in need of disposing a deceased deer on private property, we suggest you contact EMG Wildlife at 703-431-0182.  Their website is

We are a family run business dedicated to protecting your landscape.

Our Spring/Summer application lasts 3 to 6 weeks and has no offensive odor!