Hi Judy,
I just want to let you know how happy we are with your product and your service.
The product has successfully kept the Deer away from the plants they were eating!  Some of my bushes have been trying to grow now for years, only to have been consumed by the Deer and having to start all over again !
There are no side affects from the product; everything around those items you have sprayed continue to thrive!  
Your service is equally as impressive.  You have kept me on a schedule that is good for the plants, your reminders have been kind, and your billing is timely.   Thank You!!!
I happily recommend your product and service!

Peggy in Waterford, VA

"We have been incredibly pleased with the deer prevention services of NoVa DeerShield.  The owner comes in person to inspect the landscaping and apply the selected products.  She even comes by for periodic checks to see how the product is working or if it needs to be tweaked.  There is a great winter product that works for months (the worst deer time) in her line.  We can highly recommend the company to anyone who has been providing the deer with "a buffet of plants!""     PA Flanagan, Great Falls, VA


From a Face Book post:

"Hello neighbors.  If you love flowers and plants like I do, but are tired of feeding the deer, I found a great service that sprays to keep deer and other critters at bay.  I can grow plants I couldn't grow.  There is a one time winter spray and then sprays throughout the summer.  It is clear and unscented!  Give Judy at NoVa Deer Shield a call."      Ellen in Landsdowne, VA