Deer Pro Winter Repellent


NoVa Deer Shield's Winter service uses the longest-lasting winter deer repellent on the market today.  We apply our product in the fall and it protects shrubs through winter. The product lasts six months through snow and ice.  

This product was developed over 30 years ago by a nursery man in New England to protect his nursery stock of arborvitae in winter from deer damage.  Soon customers began requesting treatment to protect their own evergreens.  This product is used to treat thousands of gardens in New England.

The active ingredient in this product is thiram, a strong taste-deterrent that protects trees and shrubs from hungry deer.  Unlike other thiram based products that go on as a heavy white substance, our product is tinted green to blend with the plants natural colors.  This color fades into spring and new growth replaces sprayed plant material.

Azaleas bloom in the spring and no more bald shrubs! 

Winter Service